On some level I always knew I'd end up in entertainment...

As a kid I loved entertaining others and using my imagination. I would record fake fashion shows, annual nutcracker ballets, and reenactments of popular commercials. Steered away from child acting, I found it again at 19 when questioning what I wanted to do with my life. Going through my 3rd bout of suicidal depression, I figured that if I’m going to stick around, I’m going to do what I love. And even with little experience, I knew that was acting. 

Now, there are far too many things I love— writing, acting, filmmaking, music, fitness... just to name a few. I’ve found YouTube to be a great outlet and community to combine my passions, produce my own content, and connect with people all over the world. As I continue to act, it’s led me to the beauty of writing and I look forward to the first of two of my short films coming to life in the near future.  

Being able to express myself creatively and tell stories is amazing, but it means so much more when it moves beyond me and touches someone else. I hope to make a difference through the arts, whether as simple as making someone laugh and changing their state, bringing an important topic to light, or allowing someone the courage to be their unique self or even share their own story. Raised in Pasadena and still residing in LA, I love being at the center of it all and look forward to continuing to partner with great people to make creative magic! 

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