Don't brand me

In the professional world, whether it’s real estate, acting, or simply a “day job” to supplement your dream, we are often told that we can only reveal the best part of ourself and only the part that relates to said field. Take me for example, in building my audience as an actor I’m often told to be careful what I put out into the world through social media and otherwise. Making sure it sticks to my “brand”, is professional, relates to acting, and always sheds in me in the best light. But the “perfect”, one dimensional Kaela even bores me. 

If all I can talk about on Facebook, my website, and Twitter is acting and how amazing my career is going, not only do I reek of arrogance but I’ve lost all humanity. And that’s what makes us interesting, isn’t it? Our humanity. 

When I first considered writing a blog my first thought was, “But it isn’t about acting. Shouldn’t my website just stick to acting? Won’t it be a waste of time to write since it’s not what I’m going towards as a career?” Well I’m glad I let that voice of reason pass. Because writing awakens my soul. Which makes me a better person. And in turn a better artist; a better actor.

My mom, a realtor by profession, is on day 117 of 365 days of fitness. She took up surfing at 50, is in great shape, and has been exercising consistently for years now. But she saw the importance of the commitment and was drawn to share it with the world through her blog. Her blog originally started as ‘Realtor Diaries’. Imagine if she had decided that the blog is just meant to be professional. She would have missed out on the opportunity to inspire others and challenge herself through the power of commitment and exercise. Now she’s richer for having risked. 

When I woke up this morning and thought what I will do to further my career, I took a step back and realized that that is only a part of my day, and should not be the entire intention. I decided to shift my frame of thinking back to realizing myself as an artist. And as pastor Erwin McManus would say, “Our lives are our greatest works of art.” So today I wrote a blog and a monologue, read a script, edited a short story I wrote, did homework for acting, sang at the top of my lungs, played piano, and danced in my kitchen while making food. Not a bad day at all. And although it wasn’t all acting related, I’m a much fuller and happier person today for not having limited myself to just my career.

I want you to see the humanity in me. I’m not just an actor. So even in my acting pursuits I hope to show you my struggles, my victories, and my heart through my portrayals. Don’t put yourself in a box. For the box becomes much smaller and less appealing when you try to shove yourself into it for the sake of others. I know... awesome metaphor.